• Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics

    The orbiting forms of this mark allude to the origin of the physical universe as well as aspects of outreach, research, and education. BCCP is the home of nine Nobel Laureates in physics at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics

    at the University of California, Berkeley

    This mark uses a turned up corner to suggest bending time and space to discover the unknown with an iconic grid representing the connection of the brilliant scientists at the Center for Theoretical Physics.

  • Plus 3 Network

    Plus 3 Network is a GPS-enhanced social network that connects people with corporate sponsors and worthwhile causes. The site converts the time or distance of daily activities to money and links members with chosen corporate sponsors and nonprofit causes.

  • Thinkshift Communications

    Thinkshift is a marketing communications consultancy that builds credibility for clean tech and sustainability focused businesses and nonprofits. The crescendo in the middle of the custom logotype symbolizes both a change of direction and the end being greater than the beginning.

  • The Lafayette Library and Learning Center

    The Arts and Crafts style of this new library's architectural design by the Santa Monica based firm of KFA inspired the design of this logo and the letterforms LLLC.

  • Glenn Seaborg Consortium and Learning Center

    The Learning Center at the Lafayette Library is named in honor of Nobel Prize winner and Lafayette resident Glenn Seaborg. The logo references the periodic table and the initials of the scientist.

  • IDS Real Estate Group

    A continuous line forms a skyline representing the broad range of real estate services provided by this firm.

  • LSA Associates, Inc.

    A strategic analysis of this firm's goals, services and client base resulted in the redesign of their identity, business papers, external communications, marketing materials, and website.

  • James Enright Construction Stonemasons

    The medieval theme of this mark reflects the Irish/English heritage of its principals and the ancient craft of stone masonry.

  • Barstow Logo

    This logo for an industrial park uses counter directional arrows that represent the commercial hub of Barstow, California.

  • San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory

    This identity uses a stylized image of the Black Necked Stilt, an iconic species of the Bay Area's wetlands.