• The California Academy of Sciences

    Capital Campaign Brochure

    This brochure played a central role in the $400 million capital campaign for the California Academy of Sciences' new building, located in Golden Gate Park. A two sided poster functions as the dust jacket/folder for the brochure which is stitched together with cotton thread and uses 100% recycled papers and soy based inks.

  • California Academy of Sciences

    Poster for the Capital Campaign

    In the spirit of conservation, Alterpop designed this multiple use, two-sided, reversible poster which when folded serves as a jacket for the campaign brochure.

  • The Nature Conservancy

    Corporate Brochure

    Using wide format photography to capture the California landscape, this small brochure used less paper and environmental printing techniques. The goal was to convey the value of the work of the Nature Conservancy and their reverence for the world we live in.

  • The Nature Conservancy of California

    Promotional Brochure and folder

    Alterpop developed and implemented a strategic overhaul of all the California Nature Conservancy’s printed collateral. The goal was to create a distinctive look and feel for the California chapter, while maintaining ties to the national organization.

  • The Nature Conservancy

    Annual Report

    This annual report was printed tabloid size on recycled newsprint. The large-scale images communicate the beauty of the world that TNC is fighting to preserve.

  • California Pacific Medical Center Foundation

    Identity and Business Papers System

    Alterpop created an identity for the foundation while maintaining the identity of the hospital. Materials were designed that expressed the warmth of the philanthropic foundation while distinguishing it within its corporate culture.

  • San Francisco Parks Trust

    Business Papers

    This is a business papers system and several brochures for a targeted fund raising campaign. This package provides San Francisco Parks Trust with great latitude in its communications and fundraising events.

  • Cal Performances
    University of California, Berkeley

    Centennial Campaign

    This brochure was designed to communicate the art of performance and the value of education that Cal Performances contributes to the Bay Area and inspire philanthropic participation.

  • Golden Gate Park Bus Shelter Poster

    One in a series of five posters promoting the hidden treasures of Golden Gate Park's West End. This poster features the monumental WPA-era mural inside the Beach Chalet.

  • Tiburon Peninsula Foundation

    Fund Raising Brochure

    Beloved by the children of Marin, Blackie was a sway-backed horse who lived in a pasture along Tiburon Boulevard. After 28 years of peaceful grazing, Blackie passed away. This simple brochure tells his charming story. Printed on craft paper and hand bound using twigs and rubber bands.

  • Save San Francisco Bay

    AIGA Issues and Causes Poster

    Screen printed on recycled newsprint, this poster was then crumpled into a ball before being flattened. The texture of the paper combined with one color printing helps reinforce the poster’s environmental message.